22 February 2014

XLR8R podcast 327: Actress

01 Push Button Objects "A Day in the Life" (Skam)
02 Virgo Four "Do You Know Who You Are" (Trax & Radical UK)
03 Carl Craig "Suspiria" (SSR)
04 Rick Wilhite "Good Kiss" (Sound Signature)
05 Roisin Murphy "Through Time" (Echo)
06 Aux 88 "The DJ" (Direct Beat)
07 H&M "Drama (Upstage Decision)" (Axis)
08 Shut Up and Dance "Autobiography of a Crackhead" (Shut Up and Dance)
09 Mantronix "We Control the Dice" (Sleeping Bag Records)
10 Lenky & Frenchie "Space Invaders" (Mo Wax)
11 John Carpenter "Julie" (Death Waltz)
12 Da Sampla "Lamented" (Moods and Grooves)
13 John Cage "0'0"" (EM Records)
14 The Digital Kid "Trust in Me" (Plastic)
15 Hieroglyphic Being "Into the Unknown - (An Cinematographe Theme)" (+++)
16 Subject (2) "I See You" (Popwave)
17 Lory D "Road Hog" (Rephlex)