15 July 2014

RSMIX005 - Alex Smoke

 - Lovely new downtempo mix from Alex Smoke.
In Alex's own words "The kind of music I like to hear in the morning."


Hope Not Dope - Aardvarck
Words (Processed) - Aphex Twin
Let my Fish Loose [Aphex Twin Remix] - Nobukazu Takemura
Uritual - Boards of Canada
tcp d4 7 count in russian different voice irdial - The Conet Project
Inside The Shadow (W. Metals) - Burning Star Core
Duet - Gonjasufi
Brutal - Dean Blunt
Let's Go Swimming - Konx-om-Pax
P2101V - Arpanet
Bugged in Gaza - Madteo
Self-Playing Schmaltz - Holden
Oil - Jonny Greenwood
Cosm - Alex Smoke
Disorder Whiteroom 3 - Alex Smoke
From no part of me could I summon a voice - Colin Stetson
Ascension Phase - Kuedo
OD Drone 4 - Alex Smoke
Caves Of Paradise - Actress
Silent Night - William Basinski
Laibach - Koran [Alex Smoke Remix]
Disintegration [Alex Smoke Remix] - Laføden
Inside The Shadow - Burning Star Core
Faust (Dream Of Home) - Alex Smoke