12 September 2014

Solid Steel Radio Show 29/8/2014 Part 1 + 2 - Fort Romeau

“Solid Steel (29th August) We welcome Fort Romeau to Solid Steel in Hr 1 with a rather fine mix and this is what he said;
“This mix was done with no planning just using what's in my record bag at the moment. There are tracks here that I’ve been playing out a lot  as well as some older, possibly lesser know bits and a couple of classics. Its important for me to have a good mix of old and new when I’m DJing and I like finding connections between tracks regardless of whether they came out in 1983, 1997 or last week. Context is everything when it comes to how we perceive music and I think re framing older tracks in the right way can create a feeling that somehow the music is existing in some uniform yet indefinable time period. Listening back theres definitely a strong Vocoder House / Electronic Disco strain running through the mix, but everyone loves a singing robot don’t they?”

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PART 1 + 2 - Fort Romeau twitter.com/FortRomeau

As One _ Meridian _ New Electronica
New Jackson _ Hussle Free _ Pogo Recordings
Unknown Artist _ Blanc 2 _ Hivern Discs
Benedikt Frey _ Closer _ Live At Robert Johnson
Q _ The Voice of Q _ Philly World Records
Massimiliano Pagliara _ its A Lately Thing _ Phonica
Lauer _ Hector _ Live At Robert Johnson
Tasty Treats _ Got to Believe _ Citi Records
Gold Panda _ Clarke's Dream _ Unreleased
Fort Romeau _ I Knew _ Live At Robert Johnson
Osé _ Computer Funk _ Bound Sound Records
Pulusha _ Isolation [Part 2] _ Evolution / Universal Language ”