13 December 2014

Ghostly Versions: Music for Headphones (AIAIAI Edition)

“In celebration of Ghostly's long-awaited AIAIAI TMA-1 collaboration headphones, we've asked 3 of our favorite artists, NYC's Vatican Shadow, Detroit's Monty Luke and LA's Moors to remix favorites from Recondite, Shigeto, and Lusine. These cuts have enough low end to activate the deep bass response and the detail and crisp high-ends. Perfect for DJing with or the home/subway environs.

Purchase AIAIAI TMA-1 Headphone: Ghostly Edition at:
The Ghostly Store: http://www.theghostlystore.com/products/tma-1-headphones-ghostly-edition
AIAIAI: http://aiaiai.dk/store/headphones/tma-1_ghostly
Bleep: https://bleep.com/merch/902-aiaiai-x-ghostly-ghostly-x-aiaiai